Carlor Transformation

Growth Strategy

Long-term planning that is grounded in achievable near term results. Determine the next wave in the growth of your business, and design the sales, marketing and operational processes to make it happen.

New product introductions, new programs to improve sales, new approaches to building customer loyalty. We find added opportunities for you at any stage of the product and customer life-cycle.

Design your customer experience to be your best asset. Incorporating customer focus into every aspect of your business. Set in place new approaches to increase your success. Develop new approaches to understanding your customer, delivering excellent experiences, cross-selling and up-selling to grow relationships, and tracking customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Carlor Transformation

Customer Experience Redesign

Carlor Transformation

Digital and Business Transformation

Artificial Intelligence? Internet of Things? Big Data? Omnichannel? Mobile Commerce? Outsourcing? Reengineering? At Carlor we understand all these and more, and we specialize in practical implementations that are right for your unique situation and lead to true business advantage.

We help you build a strategy and a solution roadmap that makes sense for you and helps you achieve your objectives in the shortest time at an investment level that you can afford. We help you select the right approach, and also build a coordinated implementation plan that ensures success.

Transformation programs are only successful if they lead to sustained change. We can help you build and implement a change agenda that will engage your employees, your Board, and your investors. Comprehensive communications, leadership development, active listening, and results monitoring are all key to engaging your stakeholders and driving a successful change implementation. We can deliver everything you need to ensure your success.

Carlor Transformation

Change Management

Carlor Transformation

Merger & Acquisition Support

Early deal assessment, due diligence, deal negotiation, integration and synergy teams, and interim executive placements. We have what you need at any stage of an M&A activity. We are here to ensure your deal achieves accretive results.