Your Business Reimagined: Growth Strategy, CustoMer Experience & Channel Development


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Identify programs, training, processes and technology required to take your business growth to the next level. 



  • Growth Strategy

  • Product & Marketing Program Design

  • Technology enablement

  • Customer Experience & Operational Transformation

  • Technology Enablement

  • Merger & Acquisition Assistance


Monitor Key Performance Indicators, adjusting strategies as needed to ensure results.

Garner deep insight on your business needs and conduct a comprehensive situation assessment



Heather Tulk, MBA, ICD.D

I am an accomplished executive with over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, customer service and P&L management. I have held Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Commercial Officer roles in leading Canadian corporations, and I enjoy finding innovative new ways to help you build deeper relationships with your customers and grow your business. 

I am a strategic thinker who is  able to quickly evaluate complex issues and develop savvy plans to capitalize on opportunities.  A true customer zealot and innovation expert, I am an award-winning leader of Canadian firsts in both consumer and business markets.

I have deep experience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business settings, and across all phases of the business life-cycle.  I  would love to learn more about your business and show you how I can help you reinvigorate your growth curve and deepen your customer relationships.

Gain stakeholder buy-in and oversee the implementation from start to finish.